Saturday, February 20, 2016

What? A Mission Trip in California?

Yes! WIRED will be going to Camp Wawona! 

In March, there will be a group of eager kiddos on their way to Yosemite National Park where they will enter into adventure on the campus of our Central California Conference's very own Camp Wawona. While there, they will be doing a very special building project, weather permitting. What a blessing to know that there are those who care about our aged campus and are willing to come and serve in a capacity that will perpetuate the ministry for children and families in the future.  Watch for future posts! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Today is Friday. We will be going back to San Antonio one more time to finish the fencing. Yesterday we had our excursion. It was wonderful to enjoy a relaxing day. Kayaking, swimming and hanging out in the shade. Great for our sore muscles!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today was our big push to finish the fence! We got up early and stayed late. We almost got it done!! The kiddos worked extra hard hammering and pulling chain link fencing as well as stringing barbed wire. The sun was relentless, but in spite of it all, we loaded the bus and headed back to the hotel with smiles on our faces. We have worked well together and have accomplished so much!! Tomorrow, we get the day off! Headed to swim and play in the ocean.

Hauling cement and rock!

Maya and Alex dig to fit some of the chain link around a corner post.

Dylan at the cross beam! 

Time for the barbed wire! Look at that  great fence! And that is just a portion of it. I encompasses four acres!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We had a very hot and sticky Sabbath day but gained a blessing as we enjoyed the culture and the Sabbath message brought to us by Andrew's University Students and Leaders. Then we took a walk into a beautiful spot we love! Rio Blanco. Lunch was served there on the rocks by the river. Then we enjoyed the cool water and of course the jumping rock! The highlight? Six baptisms in the river.

A Mayan Family Gets Baptized - Graciano Balon Studied with them. :)

Jason, Mike and Gabby take the plunge

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mission 2015 - San Antonio, Belize/Punta Gorda, Belize

There is so much to say but a picture is worth a thousand words...

My Sweet little friends! Imelda and Hannah!
These two little ones are the daughters of a dear friend I met
during my first visit to Belize!

Happiness is VBS!!

Jamie making it happen!

Rocking it!

Jason makes friends fast!

Fun with the kiddos!

Play time at VBS!

Straight lines are important - Gabby, you got this!

Team Work!

Three are better then one

Detail Painting Pro

Painters paint, that's what they do, they paint

brains behind it all

The painting crew! 

Maya diggin in

Dig it?

This sweet girl brought us water any time we needed it!

Somebody's Dinner

Culinary Arts Final Grade in process...

Digging in :)

Picking at it! 

Champion Diggers are everywhere!

Day One at the work site with our first instruction - Go dig holes!!

Those boys...Nice one Seth!

Relaxing after the loooonnnggg Trip

Love these girls!

Salad shooting in the corner - What?

Food Prep for our very first meal in Belize :)

Men in the Kitchen...

Unpacking food!! Many hands make light work!

James Bus Line surprises us with a Luxury Bus!! Blessed!!

Our first stop after landing in Belize. Snack Attack!!

 Duck Face! 

 These two chums mugging it up for the camera!

 Happy eager face - even after very little sleep!

This is Maya's First Mission trip!

 Pam with her always happy smile!

The Airport in San Francisco