Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mission 2014
WIRED this year is focusing on service right here in California.
There are so many ways to serve Jesus. We decided, this year, to 
focus on helping homeless teens in San Francisco.

If you want to be a part of making a difference for homeless teens, please visit our site.
We are excited to raise money to present warm, clean sleeping bags to an organization that will distribute the bags to teens in need. Thank you for your prayers and support.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Finishing up

The Construction Team has finished. We have some very hard working young men who put every thing they had into their work. Several days of broken bits slowed the progress but the team got everything done but half the metal on the roof. The Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church family is so very grateful. 

 Alan, Skip and Mitchell working hard to get it done.

Our kitchen crew has provided amazing food! We have enjoyed the
wonderful fruits of the country as well as nutritious variety. Becky, Pam and Ginger, Thank you so much for your long and (early) hours of dedicated service.

Almost there! Walls are done and the trusses are up!

The Prophecy of Hope Seminar was wonderful. Jon, Alijah, Matt and Sydney
Preached with passion and there are eight souls baptized because of the Power of the Holy Spirit working through you. Praise God!

Pam in the Market. So much of what we ate came from this market.
From garden to table...yummmmm!

Vacation Bible School was great. Skip and Seth among others
gave individual attention to young children and teen and helped them understand the prophecy of Daniel two. Wonderful friendships have been established.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Doing God's Work

Skip - Church Pew Building

Sydney - The Invitation to VBS and the Evangelistic Meeting

Gabby and Sarah - VBS Small Group Bible Study

Seth - VBS Object Lesson

Mitchell - VBS Small Group Bible Study

Amariah, Laurel, Sarah and Angelia
VBS Small Group Bible Study

Pam - Going to Market

Because Jesus Loves Me...

Mike with Zachariah and Zephaniah

Part of the Dental and Ear Nose and Throat Team

Zach in the villages

Alan and Del Keeping Ahead of the Game

Jason working it with the Trusses

We Poured the Bondbeam!

Wow! Things are progressing so quickly! The church now has it's last row in place and the roofing trusses will be placed during the next two days. Yesterday the kids pushed very hard to get the walls completed. Here are a few pictures of some very hard workers! Praising God for His care and guidance!

Seth passing bricks up over the wall.

 Brick passing line.

Our resident engineer.

Placing the corner braces in the trusses and bolting them together.
Many hands make light work.

 Skip planning and cutting the seat portions to all 15 pews. 
Perfect cut every time! 

 Jason with a completed pew leg. 

Jamie painting the wood primer on a pew leg.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here are a few random pictures to make you smile!
Working for the King of Kings, the best job!

Dr. Leong sharing smiles with his patient 

A Map of the Myan Viallage

Dr. Dan the Bus driver man

Gabby working hard

Just hanging out at the airport in Belize

Working the bricks.

Levi brought his smile to share....awesome!

Our WIRED family in Belize City

Saturday, March 23, 2013

March 23 -Sabbath

We has a wonderful Sabbath day. We worshiped with the Punta Gorda Spanish and English churches combined. They had the school children from the Adventist school visiting with their parents. (Great because we had the opportunity to invite them to our "Children's Bible Workshop" personally.  We sang some rousing children's songs and then the Church service began. We enjoyed so very much the special music by the Leong family and Alijah and Mike. Jon gave the sermon with was translated in Spanish. His sermon was all about getting ready for heaven and was wonderful.

We walked back to our hotel from the church for lunch and then took a bus ride to Blue Creek to swim through a cave. We enjoyed the rest of the day there at the river and in the cave. Worship was by the riverside where we shared ways in which the Lord had already blessed us. The evening was a pleasant one with a visit to town for dinner and then some planning sessions.

The Dental Team at work

Block building on Friday

Everyone is working hard and well together and we are so very blessed with this wonderful group of people. We were so happy when Rob and Zach joined us as well as Angelia and Stanley Hyde. Thank you for your continued prayers.